News for this Qurban 09

Assalammualaikum wbt.,
According to last night mesyuwarah;
1. Eid prayer will start at 8:10 am. So, for men, pls gather from 8:00. Ladies..pls come before 7:50. Pak Khairumman and I will be in charge in organizing the ladies place etc. insya Allah. Ladies will use the 2nd room (room at the back) at the 1st floor.
2. Khutbah will complete before 8:30 insya Allah. N then we'll have light meal together, so, if anyone would like to bring some food or drinks, Welcome!!
Please sperad about this news to ALL Muslims in Fukui...jazakallah.
About the insurance, last night we could not decide due to lack of info., so hopefully all can help to gather the info. (rule of fiqh according to the ulama, other masjid in Japan..they are insured or not etc.)
Hopefully, we can sit again in Mesyuwarah this Sunday (29th Nov.) night, after Isya'.