About Us

  Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah swt who has accepted our efforts and granted our prayers, which is to establish a masjid in Fukui. We would also like to thanks all Fukui Muslim Community members who sacrificed a lot for the holy pursuit. Last but not least, all personnels who helped us  for buying the masjid..thank you very very much, only Allah swt can reward you accordingly. Jazakallahhu khairan.

    Fukui Masjid was established in May 2009 after launching the project in June 2007. Alhamdulillah, the masjid location is very strategic;  near to Fukui University, supermarket, train station, bus stop, main road and at the center of Muslim houses (refer "Access Map" ).

   The 2-storey masjid can accommodate 70-80 people at one time and also there is a room for ladies (during special events (refer "Gallery: 2nd room")). The parking space is limited but fortunately, there is a cheap toll parking nearby (refer: Access).The masjid is a place for Muslims to gather for prayers, socialize and helping each other. Halal food also can acquired here (refer "Inside Fukui Masjid: Halal food").

    Muslims in Fukui consists of various nationalities; Malaysian, Indonesian, Bagladeshi, Arabs,  Africans and also Japanese. Alhamdulillah, we have a good relation among us. We pledged to do our best to not causing any disturbance to our neighbours and obey all rules in Japan during our stay here.


2007年6月にプロジェクトを開始後、福井モスクは2009年5月に設立されました。モスクの位置は非常に便利です。 近くには福井大学、スーパー、駅、バス停、本道があって、さらに福井に住んでいるイスラム教徒の家の中心にあります。(Accessを参照
2階建てのモスクは同時に70-80 人を収容できます。また、特別な行事を行うときに女性の部屋があります。(Gallery: 2nd roomを参照

福井にいるイスラム教徒は様々な国籍から成ります。 マレーシア人、インドネシア人、バングラデッシュ人や、アラブ人、アフリカ人、および日本人もいます。私たちは私たちの中に良い関係を持っています。私たちは、隣人に少しの騒動も引き起こさないように最善をつくして、私たちの滞在の間、ここで日本のすべての規則に従うと誓約しました。

Islam teaches us to show kindness without discrimination and to respect all cultures and beliefs.